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Building Genuine Friendship

Connection is critical to the mission of making disciples. God never intended any of us to walk through life alone. We were created for connection. Since it cannot be forced, manufactured, or programmed, we create environments to cultivate genuine connection where friendship can be formed. 

At Ridgeline we have three primary environments ranging from laid-back/low commitment to relationally intensive/high commitment where you can begin building what we hope can become life-long friendships:

Connection Events

(Laid-back/Low commitment)

We love our city and we love enjoying all it has to offer together. As a result, we always have a wide range of events coming up that we invite anyone and everyone to attend. It may be a picnic in the park, a hike, a holiday event, or virtually anything else that happens in the Salt Lake valley. Connection Events are an ideal chance to take some first steps in getting to know other people who call Ridgeline “home,” without any long-term commitment.

Ridgeline Groups


This is the heart of connection at Ridgeline. Ridgeline Groups, ranging in size from eight to 16 people, meet weekly to spend time together, share a meal, have meaningful conversation, pray, study...or really anything that helps build friendship. Regardless of whether you just moved to the valley and don’t know anyone, or you’ve lived here forever, but desire more genuine friendships, Ridgeline Groups are for you. To join a Ridgeline Group, click here.


(Relationally Intensive/High-Commitment)

A “squad” is defined as a small group of people having a particular task. At Ridgeline, our task is growth. Growth doesn’t just happen, it has to be fought for. Squads are what we call 2 or 3 people (men with men and women with women) who meet weekly to fight for growth together. Typically these Squads form out of the friendships formed in our Ridgeline Groups. They meet weekly to have an honest conversation that covers the sum of their lives. They discuss their own spiritual, physical, mental and emotional health. They discuss the health of their relationships, their time management, even their finances. No topic is off the table, because everything conveyed in the Squad, stays in the Squad. If you’d like more information on how to find one, or have any questions, email