It’s our deep desire to see Ridgeline continue to grow. Not because we think big churches are better than smaller churches, but because we want to help as many people as possible meet and mature in Jesus. That means, until every person in Salt Lake knows Jesus, we have work to do.

Our main way of helping spread the word is through intentional investment and invitation.

1. Invest in relationship with people who don’t know Jesus. 

  • Each day your life is filled with people who are not followers of Jesus. God has put you in your specific neighborhood, school, workplace, etc so that you could be a means by which they hear about Him. This starts by just being a good neighbor, classmate, student, employee and friend. Love those people, pray for them and spend time with them. That’s what Jesus did, so that’s what we do too 

2. Invite those relationships to visit Ridgeline.

  • We love our church, so we’re big on inviting friends to experience what we’ve experienced - the good news of who Jesus is and all He’s done for us. Every Sunday service is listed on our Events page and includes a link you can share to invite via text message, or social media. We also create content for social media platforms you share, helping your friends get a glimpse of who we are. 

Sunday is coming, so why not invite a friend, or family member to Ridgeline this Sunday!